brennan dunn (the_bishop) wrote,
brennan dunn

Beware the sleeping giant.

The Google of China, Baidu, made one of the largest first day gains in IPO history.

Keep an eye on China. They have money, we don't.
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Deleted comment



August 22 2005, 00:37:53 UTC 12 years ago

dont you mean YOU don't?

As I hear, they own some frightening percentage of the total number of American dollars - 10% sticks out in my head, but I can't quite reference it. Thanks for the offer to answer my St. John's queries - I'm currently in the process of writing the application. Mostly I'd just be interested to hear what your impression of it is.

And, since I strangely enjoy meeting new people, can I friend you? Yes, "to friend" is most definitely a verb :)
Of course you can friend me. Ask away.
You may consider yourself drive-by friended.

And here's the essay question of the day: On a scale of One to Significant, how do you personally rank the subjects studied at St. John's? Does the general lack of electives at all interfere with individual interests/aspirations, or is it truly, as all eighty brochures I've recieved claim, meaningful in a general way simply by virtue of its structure?

Equally as helpful would be any key thoughts to drop in my essays that will assure me a spot in the hearts of your admissions staff, but that might be pushing the "unethical" button with a tad too much force.
'Sup. Saw you'd friended me and I've friended you back. Who're you, mysterious fellow Johnnie?

Also, Asia is the goddamn future.
Brennan Dunn, a sophomore.

And by the way, I run Linux. If you need any assistance with getting it installed and running, I'd be more than happy to help.