brennan dunn (the_bishop) wrote,
brennan dunn

Ron Paul

After watching tonight's debate, especially the dialog between Ron Paul and Giuliani, I'm amazed at just how stupid most of the men on the stage are.

First of all, Ron Paul is the only rational candidate. He doesn't allow his personal beliefs or agenda to affect his positions - he is a strict constitutionalist, and follows it, regardless of his opinions (e.g. abortion). Fox News made it overtly clear that they wanted to portray him as not being a 'true' Republican.

Ron Paul made it clear that extremist Arabs didn't attack America because they hate freedom and "love death". This is absurd. American's are quick to forget their history, and are so absorbed in the here and now that we sometimes fail to recognize the consequences of history. Paul gave very concrete reasons for why terrorists would have wanted to attack America. He didn't give an explanation, he gave a reason. Of course, Giuliani, the hero of 9/11 attacks, associated Paul as a conspiracy theorist.

It only makes sense that when one country attempts to position themselves as the world's authority that the other countries wouldn't naturally follow along. Paul even questioned what we'd think of China installed military bases close to home. For whatever reason, the Republican and Democratic base largely feels that the solution is expansion and spending. At least Democrats make this obvious.

When I hear Ron Paul speak about how we should be more fiscally conservative, limit our spending, and cut back welfare, the 'departments', etc. I can't help but not understand why he's so alone in his opinions. It appears that the candidates don't understand really what the foundations of our country are, or truly what's happening right now in the world. I imagine the candidates are drawing on the fact that the American population, as a whole, is clueless about this, and feels that by continually pushing that everyone else hates freedom, liberty, women, whatever, is going to appeal to people.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul committed political suicide tonight - at least under the Republican ticket. I'd love for the media to fairly cover him, and not put him in the same camp as liberal professors and kooks. But this won't happen.
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